Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Top 10 Signs That Your Husband Or Boyfriend Is Cheating On You

Some of the signs and clues discussed so far may already seem quite strange to you. Or they may not.

If not, the ones discussed in this section will most likely fit into the "strange and unexplainable" -or even the "illogical" - category.

And, it's no surprise that when the person is approached about it, he may offer equally strange explanations that don't make much sense... or he may simply get annoyed, upset or just decide to ignore/dodge the question completely.

1) You may start noticing your partner leaving the house unexpectedly, and maybe during odd hours; The frequency may increase over time.

When away, or just before leaving, your partner may tell you that s/he can be reached at a different (new) number, instead of the usual friends' or work phone number.

2) Your partner may suddenly start to work a lot of 'overtime,' but his/her paycheck or income does not show any change.

Moreover, you may notice the amount of money being deposited into your bank account decreasing, without any explanations.

3) You may also notice unexpected charges on credit cards and/or unexplained purchase receipts.

4) You notice your partner spending a lot more time on the computer, especially when you're not around or have gone to bed.

5) You find your partner becoming more (even overly) protective of certain personal items like the cell phone, purse, personal organizer, journal, mail, computer user account, etc.

You may even notice him/her starting to keep the cell phone, purse, etc. by the bed while sleeping (or easy access as well as for added privacy.)

Phone records / bills may also start to become more important to them and less available to you.

You notice your partner starting to delete records of incoming (or even outgoing) calls from the phone's caller ID.

You may find your partner text messaging on the cell phone frequently. This is especially curious if s/he wasn't necessarily a fan of text messaging in the past.

6) You may notice your partner deleting incoming e-mails more frequently instead of letting them accumulate like s/he used to do.

7) Your partner may go out for coffee, cigarettes, groceries, etc. and not return till several hours later. This will be even more suspicious if s/he returns without the item(s) that s/he went out to get.

8) You may notice your partner starting to accuse you of cheating, or at least becoming more suspicious of your activities. (This is often brought on by his/her own guilt and/or a defensive or even misdirection attempt to throw you off.)

Your partner may start to ask interesting hypothetical questions like, "Do you think we're meant to love only one person?"...."Is there really such a thing as a soul mate, and if so, how the heck are we supposed to know?"...."Is it possible to love more than one person?"...."Has anyone ever cheated on you, and how did you find out...or...did you forgive him/her when you found out?"

9) You may start to get phone calls where the caller doesn't say anything and/or hangs up when you answer. (Moreover, you notice that this doesn't seem to ever happen when your partner answers the phone.)

10) You find your partner whispering or using a low voice when using the phone sometimes, and maybe even hanging up the phone quickly after. Your partner may even start to walk out of the room or step outside to answer and/or talk on the phone, when s/he didn't used to do this in the past.

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