Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Type of Flowers and Their Meaning

A lot of unpleasant things can happen if the love life between husband and wife strained. Since today is Valentine's Day, let me share with you an article on flowers and what they means.

Give it to your wife on the V-Day ... and it really means a lot to woman.

Look below and learn what the different Rose colors represent and next time you buy a Rose as a gift, deliver a loving message at the same time.

Colored Roses and What Each Color Means

Red - Love, I Love You
Pink - Perfect Happiness, Please Believe Me
Peach -
White - Innocence and Purity, I am Worthy of You, You're
Orange - Fascination
Yellow - Texas Love, Joy and
Single Full Bloomed Rose - I Love You, I Still Love You
and Red Mixed - Unity
Rosebud - Beauty and Youth, A Heart of Innocent
Rosebud (Red) - Pure and Lovely
Rosebud (White) - Girlhood
- Happy Love
Christmas - Tranquilize My Anxiety
Damask - Persian
Ambassador of Love
Dark Crimson - Mourning or Loss
Hibiscus - Delicate
Leaf - You May Hope
Tea - I'll Remember Always
Thornless - Love
at First Sight
Bouquet of Mature Blooms - Gratitude

Next time you buy your loved one a Rose as a gift, attach a handwritten card to convey the message to him/her that the color means. This is a great way to enhance your love life!

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