Tuesday, July 25, 2006

How To Catch A Cheating Husband

When was the last time you really stopped and took a good look around at today's world? I try and do this every so often, and I've come to one conclusion. It's rather bizarre and messed up to say the least.

Okay, so there are many good aspects, but more than a few bad ones too. Take relationships for example. It seems like the word "faithful" is a mere concept of the past. If it were truly prevalent today, then we wouldn't have so many cheaters. I mean why is it that so many individuals decide to cheat on their spouses?

The statistics say it all. I believe it was around 65 percent of married men cheating and close to 55 percent of married women. That is a freaking lot. This is why folks are now testing new methods regarding how to catch a cheating husband or an unfaithful wife.

Are you married?

Well, if your answer is yes, then let me ask you something.

Do you think you would know how to catch a cheating husband or wife? I mean really; how would you go about this? Would you bug his/her car or office? Maybe you could sniff laundry and see if any odd remnants of perfume or cologne are detected.

Then there's the old lipstick on the collar thing. Regardless of the evidence, sometimes you just know that something's up. Maybe your husband is suddenly staying late at work every night, or your wife is never home during the day, even though she is unemployed.

These situations always raise our attention levels. Anyway, in this modern age of technology it is certainly feasible to become educated on how to catch a cheating husband or wife. Just check out that television show, "Cheaters." I think it pretty much says it all. I caught this show one night while flipping through channels.

It's one of those programs that you simply can't help but watch. The story is always the same. You either have a woman trying to figure out how to catch a cheating husband, or vice versa. A detective agency and camera crew come in to solve the crime.

The best part is when they confront the cheater. He/she is always freaked out or outraged. This is of course because they know they've been caught in the cat. So, in the end probably the best method regarding how to catch a cheating husband or wife is with a private detective.

This way you can stay out of it and let a professional do all the work.

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