Saturday, July 15, 2006

Housewife Dies While Cheating On Husband

A housewife and mother of three, whose name The Post got only as Isabel, July 10, collapsed and died in an inn (auberge) at Elf Village, in Douala while having sex with another man.
The cause of the death could not be immediately known, though some people suspect that the lady who was reportedly in her early 30s, might have collapsed due to exhaustion from a sex spree that probably went beyond her capacity.

The name of the man with whom the lady was making love could not be immediately got but police detained him for interrogation. Adultery is becoming a common practice in Douala, especially in the poverty stricken quarters. The misdeed usually happens between neighbours as well as people of the same tribe.

Recently, a housewife left her husband and children in the house and went to their neighbour's apartment purportedly to watch a serial on TV, and was soon engaged in sexual intercourse with the neighbour whose wife had travelled to the village. Probably not to raise suspicion, the parlour door was left open and the volume of the TV raised, while the sex deal was going on in the room.

But unfortunately, for the woman, her husband received an urgent message and needed to inform her, and so sent one of their children to go and call for her from the neighbour's house. The innocent child soon returned to tell the father that there was nobody in the parlour, but that the TV was on.

The unsuspecting husband immediately sensed that that he was being cuckolded. He moved to the neighbour's door and seeing nobody in the parlour, he quietly waited outside for a couple of minutes, only to see the wife slipping out of the room while still struggling to tie her loincloth as well as arranging her blouse. The irate husband sent her wife packing immediately, while the hitherto very cordial relationship with his neighbour also immediately turned very sour.

Last week, it was also reported in Douala that a housewife left her husband in bed in the night, and went out purportedly to visit the toilet. But when she delayed to return, the husband, who had never suspected his wife cheating on him, became very worried that something might have happened to her in the toilet.

He, therefore, went out to look for her only to stumble on his wife in the toilet in a compromising position with their neighbour who is a bachelor.

Source : IC IceMag

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