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How to Make Sure You’re Not Dating a Married Man

I came across this news at OpenPress.

Have you ever think you are in fact not trying to cheat BUT being cheated by other people ?

(OPENPRESS) June 6, 2006 -- The arrest of a married Long Island, NY man named Rick Kudlik, made headlines this week because he impersonated a U.S. marshal to get dates. The ex-girlfriend who exposed Kudlik’s duplicity, found out that Kudlik worked through a Long Island Over 40 chat room to lure at least 10 other women into relationships with him, by pretending to be a single man. One woman said she even became pregnant with his child. In view of this case, which made national news, single women everywhere are asking the question: How can I be sure I’m not dating a married man?

Dating Deception“Dating deception is very common,” says infidelity expert Ruth Houston. “Although there are websites specifically for married men who want to cheat, many men, like Kudlik, troll chat rooms and dating sites in search of single women on whom to prey. It’s not just online, it happens in offline locations as well. Many of the men single women meet at clubs, bars, parties and other social settings, are not who or what they claim to be.”
Signs You’re Dating a Married ManHouston, the founder of and author of Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs, has compiled a tip sheet entitled “15 Signs You Might Be Dating a Married Man.” Houston says, “With so much deception going on, single women need guidelines to help them tell the fakes from the genuinely single men. If she’s seeking a committed relationship, the last thing a woman wants to find out is that she’s dating a married man who’s cheating on his wife.”

Houston’s tip sheet provides unsuspecting women with 15 warning signs including the 6 below:

• He only gives you his cell phone number so you can’t contact him at home.
• He calls you at odd times – in the early morning or in the wee hours of the night.
• He’s unavailable on weekends, holidays, or other times when his family might be around.
• He’s overly secretive about his family and friends.
• He refused to give you his home address or tell you exactly where he lives.
• When he opens his wallet to pay the check, you catch sight of a family portrait with wife and kids

To receive a FREE copy of the tip sheet with all 15 signs, send an e-mail to with “married man-ad” in the subject line.

More Dating Help for Single Women

Houston has another useful tool for single women called the “Potential Cheater’s Quiz,” says Houston, “I originally designed this short, but accurate 7-question quiz to help married women find out if their husbands were prone to infidelity. But single women found another use for the quiz.”

Houston continues, “I started getting e-mails from single women saying they were using the Potential Cheater’s Quiz to screen men they’d met in chat rooms, on dating sites, and through personal ads. Others said they used the quiz to screen men they were currently dating, in addition to blind dates. Single women looking for serious relationships were using the quiz to help them weed out the potential cheaters from the dating pool. So I now have a slightly adapted “Dater’s Version” just for single women, entitled Are You Dating a Potential Cheater?” For a free copy of the Dater’s version of the Potential Cheater’s Quiz, send an e-mail to with “Dater’s Quiz-ad” in the subject line.

About Ruth Houston: Infidelity expert Ruth Houston is the author of Is He Cheating on You? – 829 Telltale Signs and the founder of Frequently called on by the media to comment on infidelity issues in the news, Ruth has been quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Cosmopolitan, the New York Post, the Chicago Tribune, , the Houston Chronicle, the Toronto Sun, iVillage, MSN Lifestyle, UPI, Newhouse News Service, Reuters, AFP, Yahoo Personals, LavaLife and numerous other print and online media.
She has been a guest on The Today Show, Good Day New York, Ireland’s Late Late Show, Telemundo , 1010WINS, BBC, CBC, TalkAmerica, Power Talk Radio and over 250 other radio and TV talk shows worldwide.

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