Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reader Submission (1)

Here is one of the email submitted by a reader.

Let me share it with you.

Have a husband who travels 7 mths of the year, works for a MLB team. Ended up having a co worker who he exchanged "I love you's" with. I had my suspicions for months, but knew I needed the proof. Got it, he has moved out, claiming they never had sex, even though he flew her into cities the team visited and went to see her during the holidays.

All parties are married with young children. My husband and I are separated, think he is also going through mid life crisis, couldn't handle health issues I had, he is an awesome communicator with everyone except me. Needs his "friend" because she is the only one he can talk to. He is trying to decide if he wants to stay in decade term marriage, I think I want out, tired of being lonely and how would I ever trust him on the road again. The "just friends" crap is unbelieveable.

Is he just not coming clean on that in the off chance he is trying to keep me on the ropes in case he decides he wants to work it out? Which at this point, I don't. Also he doesn't get why it is detrimental to working on our relationship if he remains friends with her!!!??

Far as I am concerned, she can have him. Also think he won't come clean because he is afraid of the financial fallout from a divorce.

Has anyone's marriage ever survived this type of situation? Also work is far more important than his family.

Can't see how this can have a good outcome.

Thoughts from anyone?

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