Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sexual Equality Exists In Infidelity

Was surfing the net searching for cheating wife stories and found a very good article written by VALERIE GIBSON.

HERE WE go again -- another book about cheating men! This latest is The Script: 100% Absolutely Predictable Things Men Do When they Cheat, by Elizabeth Landers and Vicky Mainzer.

Ho. Hum. Add it to the pile. There must be hundreds of books out there on the subject of men cheating. No doubt such books are full of good intentions on helping women survive a major life trauma, but what's this one-sided harassment all about? Why are books on cheating only about men? What about cheating women?

Infidelity is, after all, an equal opportunity these days and it's a known fact that women now cheat as frequently as men do. Darren Morgenstern, spokesman for, the Internet dating site for people seeking affairs, agrees. He says "although men make up the majority of our members, when it comes to 'following through,' the men and women are definitely equal."

Why then don't authors write about how to spot when your wife is having it off with someone else? For those who want to know, of course. Double standard, I say! EASIER TO SPOT
Mind you, I have to point out that, whether men agree or disagree with this, it's easier to spot and catch a cheating man than it is a cheating woman. Believe me, I know.

Women are known to be far more devious, more careful and thorough and much smarter about hiding their cheating activities. They're also far better at faking a "happy" relationship with their partner than men. This may be because women can often be better at rationalizing their guilt than men are and know that a sudden change of behaviour runs up a red flag. When men feel guilty, they tend to buy gifts and get more affectionate towards their partners which they may feel balances their actions outside the home. But these changes make a woman's instinct antenna quiver immediately.

Women who are having an affair also rarely make blatant mistakes. For instance, they don't leave incriminating credit card slips in their pockets or briefcases, or forget that cellphone numbers are recorded on the phone bills. On the other hand, they may not realize e-mail and text messages can be easily accessed.

Cheating women also don't come home smelling of after -shave or suddenly cut back on sexual activity at home. If they're having an affair, there probably hasn't been much going on at home anyway, which may be why they're cheating. And women can be incredibly inventive so they also often come up with good lies and excuses as to why they have to be away from home or are coming home late from work more frequently.

They're also aware how changing their image suddenly can give them away. It's true, though, that women will feel compelled to buy new sexy underwear and work out at the gym more often if they've started an affair. But where a wife might find that suspicious in her husband, he, on the other hand, often sees it as self-improvement or trying to please him. So, since it's so yesterday to see infidelity as male specific, I'd like to see less endless male bashing written about on the subject.

Maybe there should be one entitled How to Tell When A Woman is Cheating?

Good grief ! WHAT AM I SAYING !

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