Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Cheating Wife Stories - Wendy

My husband is nice, has a sense of humour, but is very sociable, a bit of the cool, quiet type, I like to go out but he's a homebody. Opposites attract but they can also break you.

At one time he could not decide what to do between jobs and was loafing around at home a lot. His mistress was the computer. I didn't mind him looking at porn, sometimes we even looked at it together.

But I was stressed working the whole time and then coming home to a messy house. He didn't even help to clean or wash the dishes.

I work in an IT job where I interact with a lot of people especially men. It was at this time that I got tempted and had major crushes on two men. One guy told me : "We men will not want to touch a married woman, but if she approaches me, then I will consider ..."

I saw them everyday and after a while I saw attractive things in them which I didn't see in my husband. It was tough, I had to work with them. On many business trips, we sat next to each other in the plane, stayed at the same hotel, went for dinner together.

I began to have fantasies of being with them. Since they were married, they were "safe" ! No strings attached.

But there would have been lots of damage on both sides. I tried to fight it by writing down "I AM MARRIED" in big letters on a piece of paper and kept in my wallet. Whenever I was tempted, I looked at the paper, I took it out so many times ! I was shocked at myself.

I kept reminding myself that theses were crushes which would eventually go away. And they did. It took a lot of effort not to stray but it was WORTH IT. For me, it's something to be proud of in this messy world where so many marriages end up in divorce.

For the men, IT is a field with long working hours and high divorce rates. Husbands are usually at the pinnacle of their careers in their 30s, and don't have much time for sex or home life. If the wives stay at home or just work 9-5, then they will be bored at home and get tempted.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Cheating Wfe Stories - Shelly

I agree that women do have more power to cheat on their men these days. We are financially more independent. I was having coffee with two 30-something girls not long ago. They both had steady boyfriends yet were comparing notes on men they'd nailed recently.

Both have their own apartments, so bringing a guy home is no problem. One girl was pretty graphic about her encounters. So I asked her if she has any qualms about the cheating part and she said, "I'm anot married to him, am I ?"

It's bewildering to me, But I guess women are catching up with men on the infidelity part.

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