Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Different Reasons for Affairs Given by Cheating Spouse

Over the years, studies on extramarital affairs have shown that the rate of cheating wives is fast catching up with that of cheating husbands. However, it is interesting to take stock that even though both men and women in long term relationship are now cheating on each other, they cheat for different reasons.

For the men, it has always been about sex, sex and sex. It’s either because of the need for sexual variety, the desire for a more active sex life, having a sexual preoccupation with a certain female or never passed out on an opportunity for sex.

On the other hand, women’s extramarital affairs are linked to un-met emotional needs. Women crave emotional closeness and intimacy and this is the main reason, women seek out men who give them this. Men who would lavish her with attention, woo her, make her feel wanted and desirable ~ these are the men she would most likely have an affair with.

The studies on extramarital affairs also show that a large percentage of extramarital affairs victims have no idea that their spouse is cheating on them.

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