Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Man’s Game No More

Has Asian women finally caught up with their male counterparts where infidelity are concerned? This is not something to brag about but we cannot ignore the fact that women of today cheat more on their partners that let’s say 10 years ago.

In many ways, education, better employment opportunities and earning power has somewhat empower women to extend that they are no longer willing to settle for less; especially in a relationship.

Some 20 to 30 years ago, men are the only breadwinner in most of the families. Women were generally confined at home, with the main task of raising children. This scenario more or less puts the men in control and the women dependent on them for their livelihood. It also limits social contact within a small circle of friends which rarely includes any member of the opposite sex.

However, over the years, women have better education and have even gone the extra mile of building a career for themselves on top of retaining the “home minister” portfolio. Needless to say the juggling between home and a career has increased a woman’s stress level and to that effect, women are less tolerant of their partner’s shortcomings.

In the event that trouble is brewing at home, the woman is very likely to search for comfort elsewhere especially if the partner is closing the door to communication. Gone are the days where women would just suffer in silence and hope that things will get better.

Leading a Double Life

Men who have affairs are leading a double life. A regular life just like any other ordinary Joe on the street, and another which is hot, passionate, intense and forbidden! So, do these men have the best of both worlds?

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