Sunday, February 20, 2005

Husband and Your Girl Friends…

Does your husband avoid your girl friends like the plague? Or is he as friendly with them as he is with everyone else? How your husband behave around your girl friends usually tell a thing or two about them.

Here’s the story of a woman, N whose husband avoided all her friends from day one of their marriage. Given that they were staying with his parents, naturally it would not be convenient for her friends to come and visit. So, gathering with friends are usually anywhere but where she stays. Whenever she invites him, he’ll give 1001 excuses not to go.

N dismisses her husband’s reluctance as him being antisocial and shy but little did she know the real reason behind his reluctance. Four years down the road later, on one fine day, he dropped her off at a friend’s apartment for one of her usual gatherings. As usual, he made some excuse for not joining in. However on that fateful day when he came to pick her up, some of her friends were also downstairs at the car park and one of them recognized him or should we say his car.

That same evening, she learnt that her husband of 6 years have been advertising himself as a bachelor in his workplace. That is not even the worse part apparently; he is also dating a colleague!

So, ladies, take this as a lesson and always remember he could be fooling around if he is avoiding your friends but if he is too chummy with a particular friend, chances are he is fooling around too!

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