Saturday, February 12, 2005

How to Tell If Your Wife Is Cheating On You

Would you say that women in the 21st century are less faithful than their mothers or grandmothers now that there is evidence of more women cheating on their spouse? It cannot be denied that having a career opens up more doors for socialization which inadvertently increases the likelihood of meeting someone you’ll eventually bond with.

Based on a survey carried out on 3000 women, many have admitted to cheating on their spouse at some point in their marriage. The interesting point to note is that unlike men, these women said that they were not actually intentionally or consciously planning to cheat on their spouse. What I meant by consciously is that women don’t usually actively go out and seek men to have an affair with. To be fair, there is still a small group that actively seeks men out but for the better part of women who had affairs, it happened when they are emotionally vulnerable. Usually this happens when their marriage is going thru a rough patch.

So, what are the tell tale signs of a cheating wife? Honey, if you see your wife splurging on new lingerie and you don’t see those baby dolls when she’s lying next to you, you’d better start paying attention to what she does and where she goes. Be on red alert too if she goes all out and bust your credit card on new clothes, facials, sliming program and a new hairdo! Chances are that she’s in ‘love’ and you are not the object of her affection.

Women LOVE to talk, so if your spouse suddenly stops talking or seeking your advice and opinion, she’s most likely getting it from somewhere else. Unlike men, women thrive on emotional support, so if she feels that she is not getting it from you, it is only a matter of time before she strays and start cheating behind your back.

If your wife starts going out frequently for long hours telling you that she is attending to a sick friend, watch out! Her ‘sick friend’ may not be sick but sure as hell is getting a lot of TLC from yours truly. Or she takes 5 hours to do grocery shopping instead of the usual 2 hours – another sign of a cheating wife.

Hey, if you come home one day to find a hot stud in your house whom your wife calls her personal trainer… you can bet your last dollar that he’s doing a lot more than just training your wife. Or she’s just hired a masseuse named Antonio who also happens to look like a Greek God! He’s the living proof that your wife is cheating!

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