Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cheating… Why we do it? (Part II)

Here are more reasons why people cheat…

In some culture or communities, it is the custom that marriages are arranged. Here, men and women don’t have the luxury of choosing their own life partner; it’s prearranged by their parents or guardians. For some community it’s customary for marriage to be arranged, for others like the Indian community where the caste system is in practice, and marriage is usually pre-arranged because you simply have to marry someone of the same caste or a better caste.
In an arranged marriage, usually the bride and groom will only see each other on the wedding day. So, what are the odds that such a marriage will stand the test of time especially if they have a sweet heart with whom marriage is out of the question.

People marry for many reasons; for money, power and social standing, reasons other than love. This more often than not results in unhappy marriages but for some reason a divorce is not an option. So, they start an affair instead! To escape from a marriage that sucks!

Alternatively, some start an affair just to spite their spouse. This is probably one of the weirdest reasons for starting an affair…

On the extreme side, we also have people who have problems with fidelity. Staying faithful is definitely and issue with such person and somehow or other, they tend to seek out other partners.

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