Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I Thought You Know ...

I thought you know ...

Sounds like a very familiar phrase. Right ?

It is pretty common when you hear this phrase comes out from either husband's mouth or the wife. The fact is, after getting married and stay together for some time, both hubby and wife will starts to form certain expectation for their partners.

The hubby might expect his wife to do certain things for him and know what he likes and dislikes. Same to the wife.

When either party failed to meet their expectation, this favourite quote will appear. Then argument might breaks. This incident happened to me a few times, poor thing. Well, I guess it is lack of communication.

However, I learn some cool tricks. If we are unsure whether the things our partner expect, just apply confirmation technique.

For example :
Dear, I think you like the white laced dress more than the red one. Don't you think so ?

It may sounds lame ... just use this theory accordingly.

PS : this post was written in a rush manner, no proof reading and no planning at all. i am rushing for a meeting so i decided to post it before i forget. hope you don't mind.


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