Monday, September 24, 2007

What Women Want in a Man

This morning, when driving to work, I heard the DJ from my local radio station saying that the ideal man that woman likes must contain the following 4 characteristics.

1) The man must know the way back home.
2) The man must not make the woman cry.
3) The man must know how to massage the girl.
4) The man must help the girl to fulfill her dream.

If we can find such an ideal man, does that means no more wife cheating can happen ?

Here are some of my own thoughts after digesting it ...

1) I think the fact is, woman acknowledge that man will cheat and if they still put them as first priority, it is still acceptable.

2) Be a YES man. Do everything that can make the girl happy. Personally, I feel that this is a 2-way communication. The woman must also be understanding and do not force the guy to do things that he doesnt want. The guy must also try not to do things that we know can pissed the woman off.

3) I guess this is a plus point for every man. We know how to massage for girls. But the message behind is, the man can only massage for the one and only one girl and not others.

4) Sometimes by helping the girl to achieve her dream or objective, it is like putting her in first priority. Think about it, if the girl's dream is to become a successful businesswoman, do you mind if she earns more than you ? or the girl have a better social status than you ? Personally, I don't mind but if it does not cost me arms and legs to help the girl achieve her dream, I will be all out for it.

Think about it, if mutual understanding can be work out by both parties, it will be an ideal couple where not much argument and led to happy life.

Sorry, I typed the posting in a rush manner, did not proof read it. Could led to a lot of grammar mistakes. Please bear with me .. Thanks.


Anonymous 37yr-old woman.. said...

Aiyar... diff women hv diff needs n wants. Some just want to be loved intensely... some want money n nothing but money... some just want sex... It depends on what woman u got yourself lo... There really isn't any answer(s) that applies to all or even most women.


11:20 PM  
Blogger melwin said...

Every woman expects a man to be great...but isn't the reciprocation important too?!
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10:17 AM  

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