Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How to Treat Your Wife Good ?

Many times argument happen due to lack of attention given to your wife.

Man are the most simple animal ... we will not think that thorough and details like woman.

Certain things that we neglect, might mean a lot to them but how can a man know what woman think ?

What if ... one day, your wife ask you what you have done as part of husband's responsibility to treat your wife good ? Other than giving your wife shelter, food and some money to spend.

Let's discuss it here : http://www.datingtrainer.com/forum/vtopics61.html

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tend to her every need, Work hard and make good money,that I let her spend at her leisure, always complimenting every aspect of her inside and out, cook, clean, laundry...you name it I worship this woman and yet she fell into the arms of another???

10:14 AM  
Blogger PeaceMaker said...

One of my close friends cheated on her husband because she wasn't getting enough attention. I think that is such bull. Those types of women are needy. No matter what you do, she will not be happy. The husband did everything for my friend: he came home from work early so that she could go to spas and get massages. He cooked and cleaned and brought her flowers all the time. I told her she had it good, but she always complained about him. When he ran for office, she became angry that his attention was diverted elsewhere.
For some women, they can never get enough attention and that is not the guy's fault.

Women need to talk to their husbands and tell them their needs. They shouldn't hold sex out to punish guys, either.

4:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's so stupid and unrespectufl. You do everything for her, she goes out with another man. You catch her with anonymous phone numbers; you ask her she says don't mind.

I will leave the bitch alone.

4:43 PM  

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