Friday, October 20, 2006

Reverse Phone Number Look Up

So, you suspect that your spouse is having an affair. Co-incidently you saw the same phone number appearing a few times.

What to do next ?

Let me share with you a method called Reverse Phone Number Look Up to mine all the caller details.

The Internet is a great place to find a lot of things, and sometimes, you can find information online that you can’t find anywhere else. At the very least, the Internet shaves a lot of time off your quest. Now that caller ID and voicemail are widely used, and email is popular, we don’t spend as much time on the phone. When the phone does ring, and we don’t know who is calling, we let the voicemail catch it. There comes a time though, when someone calls a lot, but won’t leave a message. When this happens, you can use reverse phone number look up online to find out who is calling you.

Reverse phone number look up works about half of the time, at least for me. In the past, I have gotten numerous strange phone calls, and I’m not as eager to answer the phone as I used to be. When a number calls that I am not familiar with, and they don’t leave a message, I use reverse phone number look up to find out who is calling. Sometimes I find out quite quickly, and other times, I strike out.

When a number cannot be found using reverse phone number look up, I am pretty sure it is not someone I want to talk to anyway. Most of the time when an unknown number calls, it is a long lost friend, or someone trying to sell me something. Even though we are on the Do Not Call list for telemarketers, there are some companies that use the guise of being a charity to get around this list. I use the reverse phone number look up to find out who they really are before I decide if I want to call them back, or answer the next time they call.

The Internet is littered with reverse phone call look up pages, and you may have to search through a few before you find out where a number is coming from. Sometimes, you get the person’s name and even email address. Other times, you find nothing. If you don’t find anything in the residential listings, you can find a reverse phone number look up that will give you business listings. When you can’t find the number either way, it is probably an unlisted or private number. If this is the case, you have to wait for them to call back. I look at it this way: if it is important, they will leave a message.

Some numbers that call may be mobile phone numbers. In most cases, you will not find out who that person is by using a reverse phone number look up service. Mobile numbers are not listed anywhere, despite what you may have heard. If a telemarketer does get a hold of your mobile number, complain to your carrier as quickly as possible. They should be able to get the calls to stop.

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