Wednesday, September 27, 2006

A Foreign Affair - No String Attached

A holiday affair is a tricky business. If both parties just want a bit of a fling and are happy to leave it at that, it's ok. However, there are dangers to a foreign affair. A week or two is not long enough to get to know someone so you don't really know what you're getting into. There may be unpleasant surprises lurking.

The other problem which may arise is if you actually fall for someone. What happens then? A foreign affair means you're miles apart once the vacation is over. Of course, you'll both promise to write and phone and even visit. When you return home and get back into your routine, the romantic feelings may fall away, but they could remain and then the parting is heartbreaking.

If you're both determined to meet up again, and you make it happen, it might be a disappointment. On vacation, there is sunshine, wine and everything is perfect. You're both on your best behaviour and a foreign affair is exciting. When you're with each other again in Pittsburgh in the rain, the romance may lose it's allure. You won't be watching sunsets together, but you'll be caught up in the mundane routine of living and seeing each other in a different light.

If you still feel the same way, then it's true love.

Friends and family will no doubt think you're mad. They'll try to talk you out of it, and warn you of the consequences. They may even be a little jealous. After all, a foreign affair is flattering and life affirming. They might be worried that you will be whisked away to a distant land and they'll never see you again.

The course of true love never runs smooth, if that's indeed what it is. A foreign affair makes things more complicated. If you want to stay together, one of you has to move. That may mean a totally different culture or set of beliefs. It takes a lot of courage to uproot yourself and move to another country. Being on vacation is totally different to living there. You may have to master another language, find work and get along with the in-laws. You might discover that your beloved is an axe murderer or was just looking for a way into your country. A foreign affair has been known to be pursued for the wrong reasons.

I am sure that there is a happy ending sometimes, but it's best to be ultra cautious when it comes to having a foreign affair. Sometimes, those long days of sun and surf are too beguiling and Cupid shoots his arrows in a dangerous direction.


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